Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Hi Everyone

Today's Dream headline would be 'CARDIFF COUNTY COUNCIL FACING TENANT REVOLT' With maybe this as the story. 'Today a mass que formed outside Marland house as thousands of Cardiff County Council tenants came to request that their rents no longer be paid direct to the Council, but were to be transferred to an account opened up by the cities Tenants and Residents Association.

A spokesperson for the Association said 'We have become concerned that we have been misled by the Council, over where the money comes from to pay Housing Benefit. Many of us have been under the impression that it comes from the Community Charge. But we now realise that it comes from Central Government, and that Council tenants have been due to the manner in which the Council has been allowed to keep their Rent Revenue Account over the years actually defrauded of over £300 million in the last 10 years, and that is why we have started up this campaign, to prove how much money the rents actually amount to over a year.'

Rodney Berman the Chairman of Cardiff County Council was unavailable for comment, but a statement from the Council says that 'they will be taking legal advise over the non-payment of rents by tenants' The unprecedented number of people taking up the protest has shocked Council Members. One who preferred to remain anonymous told The Echo 'This is sending shock waves through the Council'.

When asked many of the Tenants said much the same thing 'We want to know what the difference in the bottom line of the Rent Revenue Account would have been these last 20 years if the Tenancies had been run as a Housing Association, and if the figure is over the £300 million as we believe it may well be. Then heads should roll, and Criminal proceedings go ahead against those responsible for the Criminal Negligence of the Tenants'.

There has been utter silence on this matter at the Welsh Assembly as they are the body that made the council take the Rent Rebates out of the Rent Revenue Account and place it in the Councils General Fund. Which has been another concern of the C.T.R.A. If a Housing Association Housing Benefit payments do not show on the Council Accounts, then the General Fund is now being de-frauded as has been the Rent Revenue Account until the time the Welsh Assembly moved it into the General Fund.

Yep that would be the Dream headline as it is, the Tenants and Residents Association Chairperson Pam Williams wrote me the following email reply to the request for help

Dear Mr. Gabriel

Sorry for the delay. Unfortunately, the problems that you seem to have do not come under our remit. Therefore I am passing your communication on to your local councillor.
jhooper@cardiff .gov.uk who will pass it on to the relevant dept.

Pam Williams


Not what you expect when your complaints against the Council as a landlord of Criminal Negligence, aided n abetted by the Local Government Ombudsman. Because I am still waiting for them to ask the Council for an Explanation as to 'why Crazydave was not given a back door at the same time as the front one was fitted????' That's one.

Another is 'why has Crazydave been refused a wooded fence surrounding his back garden? other Council owned properties have them, or is this just symptomatic of the negligence and prejudice shown by Cardiff County Council to this tenant?'

Or they might have said 'we are concerned that the floor to ceiling sound insulation does not conform to minimum building standard regulations after 11years of a tenant complaining about the situation.'

Or 'We are concerned that Crazydave is being victimised and suffering from harassment due to his being odd, by other residents of the property, and neighbours in number 17'

Or 'We are concerned about the rateable valuing of houses of multiple occupancy and how it is used to penalise the most impoverished'

Or 'we are only to happy to offer you legal advice on with holding rent and what the rigmarole that doing so will entail'

Or 'We are concerned that Cardiff County Council have stolen an idea from one of its tenants and not given them the credit they deserve' as in Crazydaves more fruit n nut trees in the Urban Environment and a recent Capital Times 2010 January article.


But oh no it 'Sorry your issues do not come under our remit' Which is what exactly??? The protection of Tenants from Crap landlords perhaps??? No were just here to start up Tenant groups, and go to nice shindigs and get our pictures taken for the Tenant times and do Sweet Fanny Adams about real issues tenants may have. Can we call it aiding n abetting criminal negligence again Crazydave. It sure would seem like. For now I will just embed the video I shot outside their office, you never know they might just put their opening times up on the door in future.

When I get the chance I will upload the Daily Express 20.8 Billion in Housing Benefit expected to be paid in 2010, and the questions that the Daily Express don't like being asked such as what % of that payment goes to Private Landlords compared to 1997. And doesn't the increase really stem from the Thatcher sell off of Council Housing and those properties being sold for buy to let? But then the Express wouldn't like that put about as they were one of the supporters of Thatchers policy and they bellyache about the result.


Finally 2 videos that question the worthyness of David Cameron to even stand as the prosective leader of the Country given his Compicity in the Criminal Negligence of myself see the videos, and all other vulnerable adults in the uk.



You would have to agree that they are significant points, that the leader of the opposition like his assembly member, has consistently refused to respond to these blogs and the points that they have raised, the help that they have requested. That Mr. Cameron can make pretend that they do not exist, well thats for him to explain to the electorate or the court now isn't it.

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